Chuckwagon Style

During the old days Chuckwagons where seen as the food truck of today. In 1866, Charles Goodnight introduced the chuckwagon to feed the influx workers out west. The wagon served simple foods like beans, biscuits and coffee. Many of the cowboys back then pulled a chuckwagon with every gathering.


Today the chuckwagon is still used at gatherings and parties to serve food. The food offerings have become more elaborate. The most popular meal is Bar-b-Que cooked with the old fashion cast iron pots and pans. There are many chuckwagon party planners that will come and cook for large parties. If you are wanting to throw a Texas style party then do the chuckwagon way!


By: Nancy

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  1. Love this. Might just come to that way of life.some forgot whear we came from. Mother earth shakes her back, we take and forget to give back.ill cook like this.

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