Christmas Fun with the Fam Bam!

This topic makes me a little nostalgic. Takes me back to Sunday School and homemade ornaments, that P.S. pretty sure my mom still has. I am going to tell you about a couple of my favorites that are super easy and a lot of fun. That even I, how many years later? Still remembers making.

There are so many ideas for homemade Christmas decorations. Some are super simple and some a little more difficult. Either way they make great keepsakes or gifts. One of the things that I love about homemade Christmas decorations, or pretty much any Christmas item that a loved one gives you, is the fact that it’s not like other items that you will just put on a shelf and think about every once in a while when you remember it’s there. Christmas decorations will get put away after the first of the year and not see them for 10-11 months. Next Christmas rolls around and I don’t know about you, but when it comes to those types of decorations, there is always that moment of reminiscing before it actually makes it to the tree or where ever it may need to go.

Christmas Ornaments

What you will need: mason jar lid, Christmas card, glue, glitter (if you are like me), something to poke a hole in the lid, Scissors, pencil and ribbon. Pretty much anything that you would like to add a little something to your ornament.

You can buy the packs of Christmas Cards or find some really pretty ones that you like. Just remember while picking them out, the part of the card you are going to use is the size of the mason jar lid. All you will do is set your mason jar lid over the part of the card you would like to use as the ornament. Draw and outline of the lid, then cut out the circle you just drew. Now you will glue your circle to the mason jar lid and decorate it however you would like. Once the glue is dry, poke a hole through the top and run your ribbon through. You can tie a fancy bow or just make a loop. The sky is literally the limit on this easy ornament you can make at home. The best part, write on the back who made it and their age. It’s one of those fun things to look back at later.

Gingerbread Houses

Here at the store, a couple years ago, we had this massive Gingerbread House that some of our favorite kids with Adam’s Angels helped us decorate. The smiles on the faces! Worth everything! Don’t let your OCD get in the way. Get the family in there and have some fun! Turn it into a contest where you each decorate your own, winner get’s epic bragging rights until next year. Or get a big one and just see how amazing you can make it. My two cents on the subject… Don’t settle with what comes in the box. Get the extras, more icing, sprinkles, candy, and anything that catches your eye on the baking isle. You cannot go wrong.

Santa cookies

It is easy to go to the store and buy some cookies to leave out for Santa… But it is wwwaaayyyy more fun to get the kids around and make your own. If you already decorated gingerbread houses, you can use leftover icing and sprinkles from that. Make sure to take pictures! Life is short and they grow up way to fast. Plus, you might get some good one’s for when they are older.


Now these will not make a mess, but will have the room full of laughs and maybe a little competitiveness. There are soooo many out there. Some of our favorites are the Gift Ball Game, LCR (Left, Right, Center), Tripoly, Ring on the Reindeer, and Oven Mitt Gift Opening. Be careful with Monopoly around the holidays if you have a super competitive family, it can get ugly real quick. 😊

What are some of your favorite things to do with the family during the holidays?


By: Leticia

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