Catch Flights Not Feelings

While many people around the world are cancelling their flights, others are getting excited about the summer vacations they’ve just booked – amidst the coronavirus outbreak. As the number of cases begin to increase, the price of flights starts to decrease… and some dramatically at that. 

Worried you might need to cancel that trip to Las Vegas? Don’t worry! Some airlines are willing to work with customers to adjust travel plans and waive change fees, such as Delta and JetBlue. Listed on Delta Airline’s website are videos and infographics expressing what they’re doing to keep the aircraft clean and passengers safe during travel. Be sure to read each airline’s information and updates regarding the coronavirus on their website.

Looking for budget-friendly trips? Delta has flights available from Houston to Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, or San Diego for under $300. Southwest isn’t far behind with cheap flights ranging from $50-500 depending where you go.

If you’re really balling on a budget, check out Spirit airlines for some serious inexpensive flights. You can catch a flight from Houston to Cancun for under $100, from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Miami for under $50, or from Austin to Myrtle Beach for around $90 (just to name a few).

It may not seem like the right time to book your next trip but it could be the perfect time for those wanting to save a few bucks.


By: Kenna

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