Barnwood Builders set up in Round Top, Texas

Barns have been a staple in Texas for decades. Seen on famous ranches from the 6666 Ranch in West Texas, to the Los Corralitos Ranch in South Texas. A heritage piece of the rural landscape, barns have served U.S. society for more than 200 years. Many of the old structures have fallen into disrepair because of weather conditions and age. The Barnwood Builders series as seen on television has become a must-see series. In this series, Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia-based craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins before the timber can deteriorate. Their goal is to put new life into worn-out structures and barns. After many ventures salvaging the aged wood Mark and his crew have moved into Texas. Barnwood Builders has acquired a new location in Round Top, Texas. At the Round Top location, you can see and acquire in person dwellings and barns that have been constructed from salvaged wood. Stop by and see the new location.


By: Nancy Martin

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  1. I absolutely love watching Barnwood Builders to the point where I’ve repeatedly watched repeats over and over. But I’m very happy that a new series has just started here in the UK. One day I’d love to meet the crew and hopefully get their autographs

    1. Love to watch, LOVE the guys. Always wanted a log home but life got in the way so watch to enjoy them building and tearing down

  2. We couldn’t find the Barnyard Builders location when we visited Roundtop earlier this month. Where are they located?

  3. I have a house in Missouri, built 1900….I still live in it…. in attic you can see beams that look hand done. If I build new would you be interested in wood. Under the old shingle siding is 12 in boards….place also has old barn that locals say was built before home.

  4. Give me a call I would love to talk to management. Im a standing seem metal contractor Mason TX 325-933-7825 VERY INTERESTED IN HELPING YOUR CLIENTS I DO JOBS ALL OVER HILL COUNTRY

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