Back to School the New Way

The start of a new school year mid pandemic brings a lot of questions for everyone. Parents and students are beginning to see what their new normal will be as school districts are releasing their guidelines. Every school may have different requirements for their students than the others, but you will start to see a lot of similarities as they follow their executive orders.

Families were given the option for their student to participate in face to face learning or virtual learning. What your family chose will determine what your school year will look like. At this time students and staff are being required to wear face coverings while on campus. Luckily there may be times students are able to social distance themselves enough and are able to remove their mask for a little bit. Virtual learning will utilize the same content as they would receive in face to face learning, just in a different way.

Most students who are participating in virtual learning are still being offered the same meal and extracurricular opportunities as face to face learning. Virtual learning students are able to receive their school lunch through a drive thru area their school announces, while students on campus will have to socially distance themselves while eating lunch. Extracurricular activities vary depending on your school but virtual learners are given the ability to participate in their practices.

Check your schools reopening plan to know what your new school year will look like!


By: Danielle

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