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This month, Western Women sat down with Anna Morrison, the Chief International Officer and Chief Foundation Officer of the American Quarter Horse Foundation, with questions and to discuss the American Quarter Horse Association’s exciting upcoming events for November.


Please share a little bit about the AQHA with us.

Anna: AQHA is the world’s largest equine breed association. Established nearly 80 years ago, today AQHA serves more than 250,000 members in more than 100 countries, and has registered nearly 6 million American Quarter Horses. Our primary mission is to record pedigrees of registered animals, provide valuable services to our members, and support the welfare of the horse.

What is your position, and what do you do for the AQHA?

Anna: I serve in a dual role for AQHA as Chief International Officer and Chief Foundation Officer for the American Quarter Horse Foundation (AQHF), our related charitable organization. In my role as CIO I work with a fantastic team to support our roughly 37,000 international members and the affiliate organizations we have in 36 countries. In my role as CFO for AQHF I serve as the strategic leader for fundraising and for implementation of our charitable programs: scholarships, equine research, equine assisted activities and therapies, and the Hall of Fame & Museum.

What events are happening in November and December?

Anna: November is a busy time of year for AQHA, as we host our Open and Amateur World Championship Show in Oklahoma City for the first half of the month. Horses and exhibitors from around the US and abroad will compete for the title of World Champion in many exciting classes, including the popular Ranch Riding class.

Is there anything new happening with the AQHA this year?

Anna: AQHA is undergoing major technology and cultural transformations, and within a one year period we will have launched a new phone system, new computer system, and many exciting new programs that will make it easier to do business with AQHA and even more enjoyable to engage and compete with American Quarter Horses.


By: Haley Mazac

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