A Heritage of Tradition

Mexican pottery has had its tradition for years. Starting over 4500 years the oldest pottery pieces were found in the shape of gourd (used to carry water). As they call it the Mesoamerican pottery was hand coiled and low-fired. Many times, seen burnished and sometime painted with mineral pigments. Every region in Mexico developed their own style of design. Mexican pottery has been a huge part of each regions culture and mostly been a way of financial stability for families to support themselves.

Today the Mexican pottery still reflects their cultural backgrounds. The glazing and firing, colors and patterns, and native shapes are now reflected throughout the country. Do not be mistaken by the reproduced pieces of pottery. The authentic pieces truly tell the real story of the Spanish cultures.

Some of the most well-known styles and pieces are sold in South Texas Tack today. Please see our collection of tonala, Tlaquepaque and talavera in our home collection section in our store.


By: Nancy

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