45th Annual Induction luncheon and Ceremony-Cowgirl Hall of Fame

This event happens once a year in Fort Worth and you have to be invited to become an inductee. The induction ceremony has been inducting women since 1975. This year the Cowgirl hall of fame will induct five new cowgirls. Those five new inductees are Miranda Lambert, Lari Dee Guy, Pop Chalee, Lavonna “Shorty” Koger, and Kathryn Kusner.
At this year’s event, there are two extra awards being handed out The Pasty Montana Award which is going to Yellowstone cinematographer, Christina Voros and the Sergeant Reckless Award which is going to military war dog Lucca K458, USMC.
The Cowgirl Hall of Fame has a museum that you can visit and learn about the 200 plus remarkable women that are currently or past lived the western culture and industries and have been inducted into the hall of fame. To learn more about the Cowgirl Hall of Fame please visit the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame website.
You can become a sponsor or be more involved with the festivities by doing a sponsorship, visit the website at www.cowgirl.net/hall-of-fame.
Written by Amy Tiemann.

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