Spiky Obsession

Selecting a pot or planter for succulents is considered challenging but it’s an important part of keeping your succulents happy and healthy, creating a beautiful arrangement that works in with your home décor or gift idea!


When it comes to succulents, the only thing I enjoy more than buying succulents is picking out the planters. I’m especially attracted to the blue terracotta Mexican pots. The Mexican planters add such a western flare to your home décor and can be used for other arrangements as well. Many of the succulents sold at your local plant shop can be kept outside year-round in south Texas. The Mexican planters require no up keep. In many homes in South Texas and outside on porches succulents are commonly seen. Some of our favorite places to purchase succulents are The Garden Company in Schulenberg, Texas and they also have a location in Round Top, Texas. The Mexican pottery can be purchased at the South Texas Tack store in Brenham.

By: Nancy

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