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Rios of Mercedes Café Americana Boot

This boot is my favorite because you can wear it in the barn or a night out. It’s a classy boot that could be worn with jeans, a dress, or shorts. With jeans you would just see a brown ostrich boot great for riding, with shorts or a dress you would see the blue and turquoise stitch pattern that gives it just a pop of color. The thing you have to remember about boots… in the words of one of our favorite boot reps… “The tops of boots are kind of like your underwear, you only show them to people you really want to see them.” 😉 – Leticia


Old Gringo Shay Rustic Boot

I LOVE how simple yet stunning these boots are. First of all, I am all about this rustic black! The stud accents give it that extra touch without being too gaudy. Paired with the beige embroidery, this boot can easily be matched with any outfit. Dress them up or down, either way you’re sure to make a statement in these boots!” – Brianna 



Ariat Ventek Turquoise and Brown Boot

“I like them because they are a brown that goes with anything really and they are very comfortable to wear all day to work in. I can dress them casual for daily wear or if I want to wear them with a sundress or skirt, it would be adorable with matching colors!” – Stacey



Old Gringo Peyton Oryx Boot

“These boots are my favorite because of the subtle distressed brown color that goes with anything and everything! The silver stitching is the perfect touch to catch people’s eyes without being too showy. Pair them with skinny jeans, denim shorts, or your favorite dress – they are so versatile!” – Kenna



Ariat Circuit Shilo Boot

“I love this boot because it has a classic yet modern look with a little pop of color! The vibrant pink top is perfect for summer but throw a pair of jeans over it and the brown vamp goes with anything! The real game changer is the inside of these boots… they’re SO COMFY!” – Tiffany



Corral Gold Embroidery Boot

“This boot is my favorite because, well, just look at it! How can it not catch your eye and make you want to buy it? The gold color is even more stunning in person and the intricate embroidery is outstanding. They may look dressy but they can easily be dressed down with some denim shorts for a daytime look.” – Amy



Corral Honey Studded Shorties

“I like these because I can wear them with jeans and they look like your typical, traditional boots or I can wear them with capris or shorts to show off the flashy tops!” – Lacey

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