10 Signs You’re Living the Western Lifestyle

Here at South Texas Tack, we find ourselves surrounded by anything and everything western. It’s no secret we love our products and our customers so we compiled a list of things we believe prove you’re living the western lifestyle. Here’s what we put together:

You have more boots than regular shoes.

Chances are your closet floor has an array of boots in every color for every occasion. Maybe a pair of Old Gringo’s for a night on the town or a pair of Ariat boots for the barn?

You care more about your horse’s health than your own.

Our horses are our best friends and our partners, we always want to make sure they’re healthy and in tip-top shape. We may not always know what’s in our food but we make sure our four-legged friends only get the best.

The smell of leather is your favorite.

We can’t get enough of the smell of leather. Whether it comes from a fresh new saddle made here in our leather shop to a brand-new pair of boots, it’s safe to say we’re hooked. Our favorite scents are Madnready Mercantile Bold Series Labdanum and Leather Scented Candle for our homes and the McIntire Saddlery leather scented air freshener for our cars.

You have at least one Cinch button down.

Cinch button-downs are timeless and classic shirts. They’re perfect for the rodeo or a day of work on the ranch. Cinch button-downs are a staple for the western woman.

Your version of a vacation is going to the NFR.

We love a good vacation but more than anything we love the NFR! With it being in Forth Wort this year it gave us here in Texas a great excuse to take a little trip and plan some cute outfits.

Your work uniform includes a cowboy hat.

There’s nothing that says western lifestyle like wearing your cowboy hat to work every day. Whether it’s a felt Charlie 1 horse hat or a straw Resistol you have a hat for any occasion.

You have your dream barn all planned out.

We’re all guilty of daydreaming about our future homes or dream properties. But western women also have their dream barn planned out. Ask to see our Pinterest boards and we’ll spend hours explaining the perfect layout to you!

You have high standards for barbecue.

If you’re anything like us you love barbecue and would eat it for every meal if you could. Our pallets are refined to only the best barbecue followed by heaping sides of macaroni and cheese or potato salad.

You have a closet full of Wranglers.

We all know Wranglers make some durable jeans. They’re perfect for a long day of work and will stand the test of time – while still keeping you looking cute!

Your Yeti goes with you everywhere.

There was a resounding “yes!” over here when we asked everyone if their Yeti tags along with them everywhere. Daily we love our 30 oz. ramblers for our cold drinks and the 14 oz. rambler that’s perfect for keeping our morning coffee warm.

The western lifestyle is different for everyone! These are just a couple of things that we feel fit the bill. Check out our western wear and more at www.SouthTexasTack.com!

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